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Henry Van Kesteren Watts' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Henry Van Kesteren Watts

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slow parades [22 Jul 2012|06:42pm]
i probably should have gone to collage after all.
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Budweiser and KOLS [03 Aug 2011|04:52pm]
I hope I'm not enjoying this wrong.
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Progression [05 Oct 2010|12:24pm]
Growing older is rough stuff, especially if you don't really grow up. At least it seams that way, but what do I know? I'm 25 and act like I'm still 18, my girlfriend tells me I need to grow up, that I can't live this way forever. I suppose she's right but it's hard, I got locked into the stuff I liked when I was 16, and yeah, somethings, well alot of things are different now but I still get some of the same feeling when I listen to old indie bands (think the get up kids, polvo, the anniversary) or shitty scremo (think orchid, neil perry, the assistant). I still like to do the same dumb stuff, smoke cigarettes, drink tons of booze, fuck around with drugs, play video games. I still get crazy and weird about girls but I've learned along time ago how not to get to invested into things like that much anymore. I thought things would be alot different by this age. Way more put together, maybe a real job, maybe back in college. And I thought that I'd would've happened on its own, I mean, I would be something that I'd just fall into with getting older. I mean I'm 2-5 fucking years old and I'm sitting around my apartment in Brooklyn so bored I can't pay attention to a whole movie on netflix.

Are things ever going to change? Do I care? When, if ever, will I?

Smokin' in the living room
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HEARTOFGLASS [02 Aug 2010|05:02pm]
This guy looks like he needs a drink.
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defence [31 May 2010|04:48pm]
What happened to "if I can't do what I want I won't do anything"?
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BLACK METAL [17 Mar 2010|09:57am]
Black Metal Hangover
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Nausea [26 Feb 2010|09:03am]

"I walk at random, calm & empty, under this wasted sky"

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[26 Oct 2009|04:52pm]
my grandma taught me how to make curry last week, i wish her name was tim.
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so [19 Sep 2009|07:03pm]
might be back in nyc by the end of november, might have a new bike by next week. no matter what happens you can fuck off shit life, it's my time to shine.
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i am [23 Jul 2009|08:05pm]
so sick of all this band fucking luck, i quit.
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[20 Jun 2009|07:17pm]
i broke up with my girlfriend then i broke my hand, oh and my friends broke my motorcycle. everything is breaking down.
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>>> [27 May 2009|12:18pm]
yes please....
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i'm not sure if it's ture [04 May 2009|04:58pm]
i tell myself that things are getting better.
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oh yeah [17 Mar 2009|04:33pm]
i got a neil diamond tattoo the other day...for real.
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it's true [17 Mar 2009|03:48pm]
i've been riding the depression roller coster for the last week or so. lucky me.

just so everyone knows [05 Mar 2009|02:32pm]
i really enjoy the band Let's Go Exploring, and i'm in st.pete till monday-ish and the only plans i have are to see the bad brains/propghandi show tonight, the lucero/david dondero show tomorrow night, and get matching thin lizzy tattoos with some friends. that is all.
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yes you're right [17 Feb 2009|04:41pm]
i forgot how to write.
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internet [21 Jan 2009|01:00pm]
of yeah, i have a twitter now cuz i've been told they are the new hot thing and that it's gonna make my life more like gossip girl. let's be friends....

me on twitter
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i like cars better than phones [13 Jan 2009|04:31pm]
i'm 24 years old and i want to know where there is a lighter in this house, thank you.
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this is random.. [20 Dec 2008|06:00am]
i forgot to feel young anymore.

(oh, i'm in north carolina right now, and going to be in tennesseefor the next few days)
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